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At Abundance University, our goal is to teach the youth early what we learned later.



This 1-day workshop is tailored to high school seniors. They get strategies on how to navigate their finances no matter what path they choose.


Build-A-Biz Program

The next generation of business owners now have a program to help them establish their business model while developing good CEO habits.

High Schools

Our 8-session program teaches the students basic financial principles and life lessons that prepares them for their future.

Group Homes

Light Your Future. Lift Your Finances. Financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career development. That's what we've created with this extensive curriculum.

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"My sister and I attended one of the best seminars we have ever attended. Thank you Abundance University for the knowledge and education on financial success. I now can use what you shared with us in my own life!"

-L. Williams


If you would like to have Abundance University come speak to your organization, company, or school, click the link below.